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ERPXE Module

  • Name: - TinyCore
  • Version:

Plugin type

Plugin type
TinyCore Anti-Virus Deployment Diagnostics OS Installation Live Media Recovery Tools
No No No No Yes No

Plugin Requirments

Plugin Requirments
TinyCore CIFS HTTP Internet NFS Linux OS Windows OS
No No No Yes Yes Yes

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Special Information

Tiny Core Linux (TCL) is a minimal Linux operating system focusing on providing a base system using BusyBox and FLTK.

The lead developer of the project is Robert Shingledecker.

The distribution is notable for its size under 12MB, with additional functionality provided by extensions of which there are more than 3200.

The Core Project, as suggested by our name, is not a turnkey desktop distribution. Instead we deliver just the core Linux from which it is quite easy to add what you want.

We offer 3 different "cores" to get you started: Core, TinyCore, and CorePlus. Note that TinyCore and CorePlus are simply Core plus extensions.

TinyCore (12 MB) - This is the recommended option for new users who have a wired network connection. It includes the base Core system plus X/GUI extensions for a dynamic FLTK/FLWM graphical desktop environment.

CorePlus (64 MB) - This is the recommended option for new users who only have a wireless network connection or who use a non-US keyboard layout. It includes the base Core System and extensions to provide the following: 7 Window Manager options, Wireless support via many firmware files and ndiswrapper, an installer, non-US keyboard support, and a remastering tool.

Linux Installation Instructions

Download core421-XXX.tar.gz to /


extract core421-XXX.tar.gz file:

tar -xvzf core421-XXX.tar.gz

Download Core Plus ISO Latest Version to /mnt/ :


Mount ISO file to temporary location (/mnt/cdrom/)

mkdir /mnt/cdrom/
mount -o loop /mnt/CorPluse-current.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Copy core.gz , vmlinuz , cde folder to appropriate directory: (LOWER CASE ONLY!)

cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/vmlinuz /tftpboot/er/plugins/tinycore/vmlinuz
cp /mnt/cdrom/boot/core.gz /tftpboot/er/plugins/tinycore/core.gz
cp -R /mnt/cdrom/cde/* /tftpboot/er/shares/tinycore/cde/

Verify files with filelist.txt in each folder.

All Done!