PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)

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PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) 3.0.2


ERPXE Module

  • Name: - PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)
  • Version: 3.0.2

Plugin type

Plugin type
PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) Anti-Virus Deployment Diagnostics OS Installation Live Media Recovery Tools
No Yes No No Yes No

Plugin Requirments

Plugin Requirments
PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) CIFS HTTP Internet NFS Linux OS Windows OS
No No No No Yes Yes

Screen Shots

Special Information

PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) is a free software Linux-based live CD ISO image built upon the Partimage and Linux From Scratch (LFS) projects for disk cloning or backup purposes.

The software supports most hardware platforms using Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, or SCSI systems for desktop computers, workstations, and servers.

It can access file systems using FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or ext3 format.

Disk partition images can be stored on other partitions on the same drive, other drives on a network, or written to one or more CDs or DVDs (CD/DVD spanning).

Images can be written without compression or using a choice of several compression schemes, thus reducing storage requirements.

Since PING is built upon LFS, it is very small in size. Even if a user decided to expand the content and install it permanently on hard drive, it would still take only 20 megabytes.

There is also a special version that allow users to load plug-in programs, for example, Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) for virus scanning.

Downloading PING requires registration with an email address. Older versions are still available for download.

Linux Installation Instructions

Download ping302-XXX.tar.gz to /

extract ping302-XXX.tar.gz file:

tar -xvzf ping302-XXX.tar.gz

Download PING 3.0.2 ISO Latest Version to /mnt/ :

Mount ISO file to temporary location (/mnt/cdrom/)

mkdir /mnt/cdrom/
mount -o loop /mnt/PING-3.02.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Copy kernel , initrd.gz to appropriate directory: (LOWER CASE ONLY!)

cp /mnt/cdrom/kernel /tftpboot/er/plugins/ping/kernel 
cp /mnt/cdrom/initrd.gz /tftpboot/er/plugins/ping/initrd.gz

Verify files with filelist.txt in each folder.

All Done!