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Every change to the server IP MUST be reflected into the plugin's menu file.
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Open Diagnostics 2011.05.21


ERPXE Module

  • Name: - Open Diagnostics
  • Version: 2011.05.21
  • Wikpedia Page:

Plugin type

Plugin type
Open Diagnostics Anti-Virus Deployment Diagnostics OS Installation Live Media Recovery Tools
No No Yes No Yes No

Plugin Requirments

Plugin Requirments
Open Diagnostics CIFS HTTP Internet NFS Linux OS Windows OS
No No No Yes Yes Yes

Screen Shots

Special Information

The OpenDiagnostics Live CD (formerly know as the ClamAV Live CD) was created a few years back when this guy named Brandon Perry thought it would be awesome to be able to scan computers on the fly regardless of the OS, and to be able to do it over SSH would be even better!

So, after a weekend of hacking, a small 160MB iso image with a small version of Ubuntu and ClamAV, with a few other utilities for disk/file repair came to be. Sucking up to his boss, he even threw a big Computer Care of Arlington logo on the background of the menu for customers to see.

After a few more weekends of hacking up scripts and figuring out how to make the CD as small as possible, Brandon Perry released the CD on his website.

Linux Installation Instructions

Download opendiagnostics52011-XXX.tar.gz to /

extract opendiagnostics52011-XXX.tar.gz file:

tar -xvzf opendiagnostics52011-XXX.tar.gz

Download Open Diagnostics 21-05-2011 ISO Latest Version to /mnt/ :

Mount ISO file to temporary location (/mnt/cdrom/)

mkdir /mnt/cdrom/
mount -o loop /mnt/OpenDiagnostics_stable.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Copy initrd.gz , vmlinuz , filesystem.* to appropriate directory: (LOWER CASE ONLY!)

cp /mnt/cdrom/casper/vmlinuz /tftpboot/er/plugins/ods/vmlinuz
cp /mnt/cdrom/casper/initrd.gz /tftpboot/er/plugins/ods/initrd.gz
cp /mnt/cdrom/casper/filesystem.* /tftpboot/er/shares/ods/casper/

Verify files with filelist.txt in each folder.

All Done!