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Lightweight Portable Security 1.3.1


ERPXE Module

  • Name: - Lightweight Portable Security
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Wikpedia Page:

Plugin type

Plugin type
Lightweight Portable Security Anti-Virus Deployment Diagnostics OS Installation Live Media Recovery Tools
No No Yes No Yes No

Plugin Requirments

Plugin Requirments
Lightweight Portable Security CIFS HTTP Internet NFS Linux OS Windows OS
No No No No Yes Yes

Screen Shots

Special Information

Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) is a Linux LiveCD developed and publicly distributed by the United States Department of Defense’s Software Protection Initiative that is designed to serve as a Secure End Node.

It can run on on almost any Intel-based computer (PC or Mac). LPS boots only in RAM, creating a pristine, non-persistent, end node.

It is capable using Common Access Card (CAC) software for authentication into DoD networks.

LPS-Public turns an untrusted system (such as a home computer) into a trusted network client. No trace of work activity (or malware) can be written to the local computer hard drive.

As of September 2011 (version 1.2.5), the LPS public distribution includes a smart card-enabled Firefox browser supporting DoD's CAC and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, a PDF and text viewer, Java, a file browser, remote desktop software (Citrix, Microsoft or VMware View), an SSH client, the public edition of Encryption Wizard and the ability to use USB flash drives.

A Public Deluxe version is available that adds OpenOffice and Adobe Reader software.

Linux Installation Instructions

Download lps131-XXX.tar.gz to /

extract lps131-XXX.tar.gz file:

tar -xvzf lps131-XXX.tar.gz

Download Lightweight Portable Security 1.3.1 ISO Latest Version to /mnt/ :

Mount ISO file to temporary location (/mnt/cdrom/)

mkdir /mnt/cdrom/
mount -o loop /mnt/LPS-1.3.1_public.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Copy vmlinuz , initrd to appropriate directory: (LOWER CASE ONLY!)

cp /mnt/cdrom/linux24 /tftpboot/er/plugins/lps/
cp /mnt/cdrom/minirt24.gz /tftpboot/er/plugins/lps/

Verify files with filelist.txt in each folder.

All Done!