DHCP Configuration

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you should configure your LAN DHCP server rules for PXE environment:

Use your own DHCP solution

For Custom Installation

Configure your DHCP server to use ERPXE.


Add the following rules to your dhcp server:

filename "pxelinux.0";

Microsoft DHCP

rules 66, 67 in microsoft dhcp.

For Virtual Appliance

  • Update the virtual appliance's gateway to your current router/gateway.
  • ERPXE IP address is , To change it you should read Change IP article.

Select PXE ROM

ERPXE is bundled with more than one PXE ROM file.

We recommend using "pxelinux.0".

If you have encountered any performance issues with ERPXE, you should try switching to another ROM file.

Check History for more information about included ROM files in your ERPXE version.

List of ROMS:

Current list of roms since last updated (ERPXE 1.1): By name:

  • gpxelinux.0
  • gpxelinuxk.0
  • ipxelinux.0
  • lpxelinux.0
  • pxelinux.0
  • undionly.kpxe