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DBAN 2.2.6


ERPXE Module

  • Name: - DBAN
  • Version: 2.2.6

Plugin type

Plugin type
DBAN Anti-Virus Deployment Diagnostics OS Installation Live Media Recovery Tools
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plugin Requirments

Plugin Requirments
DBAN CIFS HTTP Internet NFS Linux OS Windows OS
No No No No Yes Yes

Screen Shots


Special Information

Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) is an open source project hosted on SourceForge.

The program is designed to securely erase a hard disk until data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable, which is achieved by overwriting the data with pseudorandom numbers generated by Mersenne twister or ISAAC.

The Gutmann method, Quick Erase, DoD Short (3 passes), and DOD 5220.22-M (7 passes) are also included as options to handle Data remanence.

Linux Installation Instructions

Download dban226-XXX.tar.gz to /


extract dban226-XXX.tar.gz file:

tar -xvzf dban226-XXX.tar.gz

Download Darik's Boot and Nuke 2.2.6 ISO Latest Version to /mnt/ :


Mount ISO file to temporary location (/mnt/cdrom/)

mkdir /mnt/cdrom/
mount -o loop /mnt/dban-2.2.6_i586.iso /mnt/cdrom/

Copy dban.bzi to appropriate directory: (LOWER CASE ONLY!)

cp /mnt/cdrom/dban.bzi /tftpboot/er/plugins/dban/dban.bzi

Verify files with filelist.txt in each folder.

All Done!